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What is Wrong with your Church?

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By Jon Bourn
Editor of the Jericho Rendezvous Blog

What is Wrong with your Church?

I come from a family of devout Christian they think as they call themselves Baptists.

It’s very close to the basic Christian story and that of Jesus Christ primarily tied to one concept over all others which are the keys to the kingdom.

My best defense against their foolery is a methodology I call Yoda, like in the movie Star Wars.

When they invite me to church I say, “Me not value people, people sacred. Church is not place, it is being.

You want my being as tax deduction. All people of earth already have deduction. Internal is not revenue service.”

They say: “But we love you.”

I say: “Love not, true love includes compassion in all forms which formulates an ethical being. You value your people with metaphors as family, when earth is family.”

They say: “So, you are not saved?”

I say: “Value people not. All life is sacred and no one has priority over another. Leadership can only be given as forgiveness. This is something that is not fantasy, it actually takes place in the after. Your money blinds you, just like your deductions.”

They say: “But Jesus died for you.”

I say: “It is more likely Jesus woke up as in the story, no death resulted, he arose. This is a sign of awakening, a trial of the heart that is painted into mythological symbolism. Its purpose deals with empathy, and where it is placed. Do you feel how it is attained?

“Once empathy is attained, it is no longer operating, its purpose becomes bloodshed itself.”

They will continue to say: “But don’t you believe in god?”

I will answer: “I believe in the sun for without the sun you die. Our god rests in our minds from the power of the sun. In spring, you feel it don’t you? These truths are painted in our souls, or sometimes nailed.”

I hope this simple conversation helps those who remand their status for atheism to rid themselves of the false ideologies formed out of pedantic and dogmatic mythological deduction that is intended to deceive; from betrayal back to the ‘religious affair’, the church takes many paths. In this sense, the church is the body, an individual life form created from birth whether it be a human, or a flower. This is truly the matter at hand.

When someone invites you to church, it is an odd choice to figure out how to ‘give your empathy away’ to another, and an idea that values certain people over others in nearly all cases. The ancient texts of the Bible explain this and why it is not the teachings of Jesus.

True empathy would not allow anyone to be hurt, and is felt as part of Earth and her miracles. It is our greatest power, a supreme being that has been stolen. How can we get it back?

1. Know that everything we do affects everyone.

2. Know that education is a matter of privilege and access that is meant to be life long and the definitive evolution.

3. Know that science tells us that nutrition is the source of both physical and spiritual power.

There may be some who tend to over do it on the last one inversely planting themselves with the empathetic power. When we stray out of the ultimate navigation, it may be here that we become immoral. And it is evident that the lost represents that of the plague upon us that destroys the revolutionary path of all life.

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