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Are You Dr. Jekyll or Mrs. Hyde?

By Jon Bourn

Editor of Jericho Rendezvous Blog
Are You Dr. Jekyll or Mrs. Hyde?

America is full of Jekylls and Hydes.

The story begins with the fact that progressives lead the charge but most often lack empathy for those forced out of their homes and jobs. “Life goes on” they say, yet they secretly deal with their hidden emotions, unable to forgo the elixir that their life is worth the sacrifice made by others. The obelisk must remain.

While others churn the elixir in their minds, to become Hyde forever knowing that truth is their enemy. Ready to accept that awkward knowledge must validate their fears, they remain in a state of infection where empathy has mutated upon the parasites installed; a new religious ideology of sadism and forced self-inspiration.

As Andrew Lobaczewski explains this in Political Ponerology, “Anyone criticizing such a state of affairs is condemned with paranormal indignation, allegedly in the name of the original idea and faith in God, but actually because he feels and thinks within the categories of normal people. Such a system retains the name of the original religion and many other specific names, swearing on the prophet’s beard while using this for its doubletalk. Something which was to be originally an aid in the comprehension of God’s truth now scourges nations with the sword of imperialism.”[1]

It certainly is common knowledge that the Iraq war was falsified, no weapons of mass destruction exist, but the spirit of the churches has been usurped, the war of terror was on, and Jekyll and Hyde reign supreme.

The fact remains that the events of 9/11 leave the observer with the most illogical and creepy feeling one could imagine. Especially when the only significant warring that had occurred at that time was with Bush Sr. in Iraq who is well known to be strongly associated with the Hydes. These associations use the U.S. dollar, as financial terrorism, and by this method build the illusion of fire in ritual fashion, as in the two towers which were destroyed and pulverized into dust. The Iraq war obviously had many other purposes hidden from the propagated knowledge base which serves those who live in the dark through their own reflections.

The war between Jekyll and Hyde must cognate as analogous when the ideology is only a racist disease between war and terror. The Jekylls are terrified of seeing their own truth and resent the factual pathos that shows they use Hyde to tell themselves the dollars they have bound themselves too separates them from the truth. The Hydes use war altogether to keep the Jekylls believing the truce of lies.

We remain trapped by being forced to survive in a system that is effectively removing our ability to do just that unless one is willing to believe the truce between war and terror is real. Through propaganda, our senses are redirected to think about our emotions in ways that directly affect our ability to discern reality.

As long as the public was naive enough to believe that 19 men from Saudi Arabia, a country we did not even preemptively attack, were the actual people in the falsified planes, Jekyll and Hyde would forever hold its position afire in the mind of the observer. Most of this has now broken down, but those who remain in the fold of believing the story are forever bound to living two lives.

In one life, they hide their emotions which feed Jekyll, the belief that war is good. In another life, they resent the truth facing their future, and feed the hidden desires out of sight, and in the dark; just as the John Hagees for the führer.

A war exists now with truth itself, and to destroy the spirit of learning; to replace it with beliefs that serve the Hydes who condemn anyone who resists feeding their Jekylls. The Jekyll lives in constant fear. For the Hydes, it is god the almighty as war. For others, it is the realization that all is wrong, and that we have reached a dangerous road to be crossed.

Ernest Partridge writes about evil as the absence of empathy, and Andrew Lobaczewski hints of a proportionate “fault” in the genesis of evil.[2] This is where remorse may be first detected, the beginning of washing the truth with a proper detergent. Remorse is synonymous with a type of penitence, a place where wrong doing is realized, and the building of compassion may begin. Although this is only recognition, the ability to feel and experience the thoughts of others is rather gnostic.

In Texas it seems, it is predominately completed as aversion.

Empathy is not just recognition, it is a pathos, one that is neither Jekyll or Hyde. Without this supreme being, and I use “being” as an adverb as it should be, Jekyll and Hyde will keep the genesis of evil alive and well, spouting out to those who are its victims to get a job and bow down to the beast knowing full well that condemnation averts their perception. It is too much to face the truth as this would wreak the voiding inspiration that empowers their cruelty.

Although this very nourishment lays in the solution that omits the elixirs to instill courage and reason that have been put to sleep by clever demons such as Bush Jr. and his demon god who ranted of his power to those trapped by their own elixirs. Unable to deal with their own misgivings, they wander off to their corporate enslavements that feed their own desires hidden in two lives destroyed in a day for the new world bank, a pig with one slot.

Obama’s presidency feeds the illusion that has been made, increasing its strength, and likely well planned out prior to its making. We see that the road ahead leads to a Democracy that is overseen by demons in the midst of world wars and the complete sacrifice of anyone who gets in the way. A sense of permanence is ephemerally being built, something that is powered up each day to defend the split in navigation where envy is feeding its own fears.

When all has been destroyed, and all lay desolate and in poverty, the demons will no longer have the food they need to replace their sympathies. The few warriors that remain will finally realize the battle is over and abscond their elixir once and for all. In all of history, both good and evil have guided our religious awakenings for all of mankind whether it be red or black. The idea of “divide and conquer” will finally die.

If this is what it takes, the so be it. Soon, American’s will awaken to realize they must fight the battle to return their souls to their rightful owners and that we will live in peace together, or there is no life worth living. Much is hidden now, an ultimate denial of the awakening ahead.

[1] Political Ponerology, First Edition, page 271
[2] ibid, page 274-275

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