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Zionism: Captured by the Horns of the Torah

By Jon Bourn
Editor of Jericho Rendezvous Blog

Zionism: Captured by the Horns of the Torah

Across the stolen land of the Americas, the landscape is dotted with museums, in many cities all depicting the same holocaust that occurred in Auschwitz, Germany where millions of people from several different countries were slaughtered. I have no idea how many museums there are, probably hundreds by now. There is one in Los Angeles, and I know there is one in the Tampa Bay area near where I reside. I felt it necessary to discuss this topic because it is deceiving, and what is being taught about its history.

I was watching PBS late last night on the 13th of April and they had a special on they were promoting entitled, “Swimming in Auschitz”, a story about several women who had avoided the gas chambers, and the first one in the story had claimed to the idea of being a Zionist in defense of her stance in joining others in their settlements in Palestine.

This documentary is often shown to promote the museums across the land of greed, and one could say it describes a phenomenon between the “hostage”, that being most of the people living in the knowledgeable void including those who are oppressed happen to live, and the sympathetic demeanor that is instituted on the behalf of one particular group of settlers that just happens to be the captor, or the ones who have stolen land through illegal settlements and expansions, similar to the Americas.

Jon Kean, the director of “Swimming in Auschwitz” wrote an article in the Jewish Journal, “Have We Hit Holocaust Fatigue“, and one may sense the poignant contrariness of the title as though we were talking about whether or not Ayn Rand’s printing of Atlas Shrugged had finally seen its day. Obviously, one knows that Kean’s documentary needs sales in his eye, but this contributes to the misdirection of the fact about captor and hostage, and at the same time institutes Zionism as a legitimate stance principally based on the phenomenon itself.

One could easily argue that planet Earth is suffering a world-wide holocaust in poverty, and environmentally. Nearly 100,000 people die every year just listening to the pharmaceutical companies in believing that the pills they take can actually help them and no cure of any disease has ever occurred in history. One could not say this for herbal remedies as they have succeeded over and over for centuries. Why do you think the drug barons want to classify herbs as drugs? The answer is the same phenomenon where the captor is seeking sympathy through propaganda.

Millions died in Iraq and we left the country contaminated with depleted uranium because in the land of greed there were two problems that needed sympathy. One was how do we get rid of the toxins we have created, and another, how do we increase the strength of our weaponry with this demon power. The captor and the hostage have merged in this scenario and its marriage represents a clear violation of international law, just another sympathy in the chasm.

These messianic confabulations now infest our brain waves, even PBS, and the propagation of a single story that is causing fatigue, reaching, it seems, is more ironic. The truer goal of Zionism is one of sympathy, albeit in the Stockholm syndrome fashion. The journalist Khalid Amayreh, in an article written earlier this year describes how the second horn of the bull reveals a bloody veiled avatar for reality; the justification of apathy.

The second but undeclared goal behind this holocaust religion is to justify Zionism, a racist ideology that eventually bred a gigantic crime against humanity called Israel. In the final analysis, Israel embodies an evil desire to annihilate the Palestinian people and steal their ancestral homeland. And when the Palestinians cry out for justice and humanity, we see and hear the dogs of Zionism shout “holocaust, Auschwitz , Hitler!!”

Last year, the Israeli army and air force rained death on Gaza for three uninterrupted weeks. Warplanes dropped bombs on unprotected civilians throughout the small enclave. Heavy artillery bombarded homes, schools, hospitals, mosques and public buildings, creating a massive carnage. White Phosphoric fire storms raged over Gaza, incinerating numerous civilians. People fleeing for their lives and carrying white flags were systematically gunned down by Israeli army snipers. This happened as army rabbis were encouraging soldiers to murder men, women and children because this is the way to endear themselves to God.!!

There is no doubt that the massive killings and pornographic destruction in Gaza last year was a genocidal act comparable to what was happening during the holocaust. The world shouldn’t raise its eyebrows when such comparisons are made.

After all, the attempted annihilation of European Jewry didn’t begin with Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. It started much earlier with comparatively innocuous things in the early 1930s. In 1938 there was the Kirstallnacht, a pre-taste of genocide that the Palestinian people have been and are experiencing at the hands of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust.

In short, the holocaust started with very much the type of things Israel is doing to the Palestinians these days. The unmitigated attempted killing and starving of Gaza are merely an epitome of a larger picture which shows the systematic Nazi-like savagery and brutality to which most Palestinians are being subjected.

Things are certainly amiss as we scamper off to learn all about Zionism in the local petri dishes of history. Can the claim to Zionism be sacred when it results in the perpetuation of death and destruction on a massive scale? Where are the weapons of mass destruction when they are used to kill millions all for the purpose of dumping them in your backyard? We didn’t find any in Iraq, hell, we’re in the phosphorous distribution business. Ask anyone about it, and its the same captor-hostage denial.

According to Douglas Reed, the diaspora was a mix and we know we are dealing with a segment of religious self-homoeroticism that had the notion that the beckonings of the past, the mean and almighty god which now infests Christianity was master mining the reasoning for invading another country, that being Palestine, and setting up camp, not to mention they were not necessarily the majority of people that were part of any movement out of the vestiges of Western Europe and the genocidal warring of those times.

Contrary to the teachings of Jesus, the Zionist picked up “eternal damnation” as their ploy from the past. My mom calls me every week and I keep explaining to her that condemnation has clouded her circuits as she is a devout Baptist. Unfortunately, she suffered from a stroke the year after my dad died in 2002, about 10 months after 9/11. I often wonder what my dad thought of the scandal. He spent most of his life shooting up for the allergies he possessed from farming genetically modified food. I can remember the day we had our own seed cleaner.

The seeds of time have become corrupt, and Douglas Reed in his treatise “The Controversy of Zion” (read review) attempts to weed out the problems associated with Zionism, and there are still gapping holes in the history coming out of the Torah, but one thing we should know, good and evil can be distinguished, and the matter of damnation will fall on those who seek sympathy as a way to avoid empathetic resolution and the identification with those who continuously are oppressed throughout time and in all places of Earth, not just a particular holocaust that is promoted as apathetic homogenized propaganda.

The holocaust was nefarious not because many of the victims were Jewish. (millions of non-Jews were killed during the WWII). It was diabolical because innocent human beings were killed unjustly. The horrendous killings wouldn’t have been less evil had the victims been non-Jewish and their number a few million less.

The world must make every conceivable effort to prevent the recurrence of genocides and massacres and destructive wars. And one of the key ways to do that is to prevent Israel from using the holocaust to bully the world to keep silent in the face of Israel’s genocidal crimes against the Palestinians. Khalid Amayreh

Jon Bourn is a revolutionary artist, writer, and empath. Webmasters and bloggers may post this article in entirety on your website. Help to educate people about Zionism and its effects.

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