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When Empire Hits Home

Andrew Gavin Marshall’s four part series entitled “When Empire Hits Home” elaborates the present conditions represented by the US/Israel state of fascism. This becomes evident when the tea party represents a comity without understanding it, a movement that is purely reactionary. When the reader understands what is actually taking place, one would expect revolutionary rebellion on a much higher order of senses.

We can no longer avoid the truth as Marshall explains, we must now fight to restore Democracy or loose the entire ship. Those who thrive on the empire must be destroyed by removing their power and wealth by any means necessary. Our leaders tongues are poison and do not serve the people. They are war criminals and represent the enemy of liberty and justice.

Part One: War, Racism and the Empire of Poverty

Part Two: Western Civilization and the Economic Crisis: The Impoverishment of the Middle Class

Part Three: The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution

Part Four: The Transnational Homeland Security State and the Decline of Democracy

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