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The Architects of Context

By Jon Bourn

Editor of Jericho Rendezvous BlogThe Architects of Context

The kleptocracy sure has revealed its omen lately. Just look at the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankhein, accused of needing a jury trail who is advocating the idea that his conviction would hurt America, and is politically motivated. Is there a way to describe his affliction. You bet.

It is defined as the cynic, or one who believes “all people” are motivated by selfishness. In many cases, the cynic is attempting to hide by telling others they are being too political. Here is a perfect example of the settler syndrome where the cynic reveals himself thanks to the editors of the article.

Basically it stands on the fact that someone is not willing to either admit they themselves are inferior, or that their country, heritage, organization, or other ideological stereotype is not positively valid. I can tell you for a fact that much of America is afflicted with various psychopathological abnormalities, and wouldn’t even think for a second that we as a nation are superior to any other, as most of us earthlings are quite similar emotionally, and our pathos is a major marker for identification, both good, and recently bad.

Currently, it is quite obvious that the influence of the US and Israel is highly questionable on a global scale. So I would have to tell you that I live behind enemy lines. That’s not saying I was born in this land and can do something about it, it simply makes the fact more reasonable.

So if we think about the cynic a bit more, we can see that our MIMIC system is rampart with this disorder. I wonder if psychotherapy will add this to their new list. There might be at least one emotion that would signal the absence of conscience and the ability to realize that we are all in the same boat, so to speak, no one is better than another for monetary accretion alone. To think in that manner would signify the absence of empathy as a form of evil.

Are there others who suffer from the distinct fact that “your land is our land” dysfunction? It seems to be tied to the evangelical movement and those such as Ted Hagarrd and the Christian right, and it consists mostly of the bazaar belief that if one can condemn others, one is born again. This is the fact that is often hidden and said to be too political. That should tell you what the tea party people think of the process. You cannot be saved unless others are lost is the context that does not come in on the text messaging system.

MIMIC, the military industrial media information complex will feed you trash, and mystify the political Obama story while alternative journalism drags out the dead omens on a daily basis. Until you have read and viewed the hounds of hell on a continuous basis, they only register as patsies and myths.

In a 2007 documentary entitled, “Constantine’s Sword”, Oren Jacoby examines the history of the dispute related to the Jews by labeling the video with the notion of discussing anti-Semitism. The history of the Jewish people has long suffered from prejudice when often in fact they had done nothing wrong. According to the documentary, there is a biblical link between the Jews and Christians where Jesus was crucified by the Jews and this is detailed at the beginning of the story at the Air Force Academy near where the scandalous Ted Hagarrd resides.

The author of the documentary attempts to connect the cross with a historical Constantine as an omen from the past. He also associates the Catholic Church with the Nazi regime. Overall, it contains good historical content in relation to Jewish prejudice that is not often seen, but the premise remains foggy. Jacoby did point out that an association to the James Carroll book “Constantine’s Sword” was the premise, but this seems more like the political way to mimic for profit, and, we all are susceptible to the system where we are seemingly forced to survive through its use.

So, the cynic will label others as anti-Semetic because he assumes they are being selfish at least in some instances, a simply absence of emotion. On the contrary, to be political is good and often labeled with metaphors to cover its significance especially today when corruption is obviously rampart.

Those that claim Zionism, and the continued illusion they are superior and must oppress others through political means while telling you that you are too political when pointing out they are literally insane represents some of the crust of the problem. What is going on today in Israel is much more than anti-Semitism. Once people get out of MIMIC for awhile and begin to connect and think with others, the stereotypical blob can be detected. They represent all that is corrupt, the assumption that a stone has been rolled away for them begins to reflect their true nature; the makings of a church in their own mind.

This may partially be described as deficits disproportionate to personal IQ and absence of a creative hobby or technical skill stipulated as a natural or humanistic talent. This is easily associated with the talking head who creates the fantasy of accretion. This may also be a distinction between the effects of teaching that becomes blurred. In one sense, someone who is truly educated and attempts to express this through the edges of MIMIC, may be prevented by minds that gathers from the outside, the other is prepared to grow like a flower. The first gatherer has no intention of sharing knowledge with others, its goal is to attain empathy out of thin air. In the second gatherer, the mind is based on empathy and want others to use the supreme power to think with others, something the first mind greatly fears. This is depicted by the different interpretation of the value of accretion thinking, as a narcissistic presence that is assumed for all which would never be the case.

One gathers good together inside and is prepared to share this with others. One gathers mist, brings nothing inside, and only shares with others when it benefits the mist that is seen as talent.

An attempt to destroy the essence of political activism is upon us, and truly if one studies this concept, you will see that it was intended for every one to be a part of, and to understand its detail in our lives. As we view the news that comes from the alternative journalists that is brought out from the cloud, this is enough to tell you that lady justice has been raped and a continued war machine is a top priority in violation of international law, and certainly not approved by the political culture and indigenous people who continue to lose the ability to have government and policy that represents true justice for all.

These various deficits hamper the overall ability of getting truth out while the dead omens pile up made available by the true architects of context.

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