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Arizona Apple Pie: Cooking the Spin

By Jon Bourn

Editor of Jericho Rendezvous Blog
Arizona Apple Pie: Cooking the Spin

Christopher Columbus must have had a fast ship, for the speed at which we attempt to recover from the pile of shit that keeps manifesting in America is endless, it has become the means.

Listening to Amy and Juan at Democracy Now has become a ritual. They don’t always get it right, but more often than not, they provide a leg to the truth that is surfacing on the overall bubble. Today’s segment on the Arizona Law Banning Ethnic Studies is a perfect example of the hypocrisy game theory. The video contains a preview of the Cooper Anderson interview on CNN and this was embedded for comment. This revealed Tom Horne, an advocate of the new law who is currently running for attorney general in Arizona, also a school superintendent.

As a matter of fact, the whole of the education system has long been under control, just look at Texas, and this is not an aberration, it is secular. What is felt in the spin however is spiritual, something that has long been utilized, a kind of Lucifer for the system that tells you everything is OK, and to passively keep reading and thinking what we tell you. Tom Horne reveals how this is done for the ethnic tag word that has also been utilized in the supernaturalism.

In a nut shell, puisne nature is not double-speak, rather it is puissance as pugilism to bed the beasts in rock so to speak, that likely came with the terrorist Columbus, a form of pukka-speak, look it up. One can never fight with fear and envy and expect to win, you always lose. Muhammed Ali said it best, “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Tom Horne is clever, but the observer needs to think more carefully about what he has said in the video. Using that, we can see:

1) He uses the word race as a positive for his argument knowing that it has negative connotations. Race is not the issue, law is the issue and how the law prevents students from focusing on their true heritage by giving the excuse of a puisne affair. In etymology, this is more than fascism, it is a form of Nazism, from a Latin nāscī, to be born, almost a manifest destiny nature. Further elaboration presents the idea that moving into this New Void or pukka-world is required to view cultural differences and they have a name for this, it is called a baked noodle.

2) By playing the race card, Tom Horne (a)voids the direct issue of racism and how it is interpreted. He opens the devil’s gate, a form of nihilism upon the ethics of the issue. As with the word ethnic, it is assumed racial, but history tells another story.

Ethnic and its use did not becomes attached to a particular group until 1945. In the 1400’s, a Middle English text said that part of a temple fell down described as “mad a gret distruccione of ethnylis,” and this becomes evident when reading its derogatory definition of “not Christian or Jewish”, a consideration for a heathen. In context, it means “gentile,” stemming from Greek meaning “people, nation, foreign people.”

Through the act of preventing cultural heritage and using the tag ethnic, the beasts which take many names formulate their supremacy that must hold a grudge upon heritage brought through the passing of time, and their fear of losing power that envy controls for them. Racism is embedded here.

16. 7-aberration-err-erratic-erratum-erroneous-error-race-et-ers– To be in motion [Pokorny 2. ere-s– 336, choice]

Etymology outlines how this is done, as people are basically stupid and learn as they go. However, most of us follow that lead without realizing their is a methodology that is being presented, as with Tom Horne’s interview that reveals the nature of the beast. I choose this interview based on the best opportunity so far to explain what he pukes out and where it is sourced. The fact that he is able to puke it and get away with it is the problem on this seeing of ends.

This may also be applied, such as the Palestinians who understand it better than we do. The kind of ethics that is perceived involves squeezing the life out of you. It will be interesting to see if the relief ship Rachel Corrie arrives at its Gaza destination on its journey of humanity and good will.

The roots for ethics and ethnic are the same, it is labeled s(w)e- which talks of the self in reflexive ways. The letter W and its syntactic properties are in play, especially when it has been marked in elevation, as in the root pekw– which is a metaphorical cuisine. One might feel like a boiling frog when men like Horne spin their web of lies in order to (a)void the mystifying apathy that is clearly visible if one is astute enough to detect the cuirass double-speakism in the first place.

From what has been seen, people like Horne are dangerous based on the evidence of his speech as what he is doing is almost a form of inverted Hinduism, similar to the Arjuna where the nature of god is contemplated. In all, the bi-polar beast accepts God as a man and one that most likely has a penis.

According to the geophysical nature of logical order, this is also a feminine possession as a stigma for the deception.

Although this is speculated upon etymological study, some critical thinking, and symbolic perception, its possession is exemplified by the Tea Party movement who inherit the nihilism of the bug that is being projected by the Horne’s of the beasts containing the nescience pudding.

puisne (pyōō’ne) Chiefly British. adj. Lower in rank; junior. —puisne n. One of lesser rank than another, especially an associate judge. [Old French puisne : puis, afterward (ultimately from Latin post; see root apo-) + ne, born; (from Latin nātus, past participle of nāscī, to be born, see root genə-.]1

That explains the big fat genie in a beer bottle. According to mythology, the Phoenix is temporary, eventually it consumes itself. Nature does this but in equilibrium. The spin factor could be seen as a last ditch attempt to empower the entropic beasts of supremacy who use this racist aberration embedded in our essence of being and recognition just as our language has provided with ancient Phoenician codes that tell us where our Nature resides and if emotions are being manipulated, such as empathy.

A simple example of the power in which Horne uses is presented by the epitome he assumes for his wight power, in this case a creature that has manifested in our world. A kind of tightening of the spring that is perceived by philosophers such as Alan Watts, where a perception of velocity and race are intertwined as a virus.

16. 3-naught2-nix2-wight1-et-wekti– Thing, creature (naught1 – ne-) (nix1 – ne-) (wight2 – weik-3-) [Pokorny uek-ti– 1136, metonymy]

Is it as simple as the substitution of one word (race) for “another”, one that is masked upon the stigmata? In Horne’s argument, it seems so. Almost a dichotomy in the wind as if their is no cultural history or peaceful future either one.

I suggest we can break the barrier that Alan mentions in learning and shut all this garbage thinking down. This should be a clear sign as to the nature that is being altered that is attempting to deprive life of liberty. We certainly could speculate as to the increased nature of learning that has already occurred, yet this is confused upon the spring or death spiral of smoke and mirrors.

Propaganda must be constantly made, and this is often done in symbolic ways, as this creates the pukka-power it seems where something is seen as authentic that is just a baked noodle, or a crispy fizzler. If there is a hell with fire and brimstone, we may have just located its truer meaning.

To Ponder

1) Is the Kagan nomination a distraction for what is being implemented in Arizona? How important do you think it would be to keep people asleep?

2) Why is it that it seems this whole event seems to fit into the fizzler psy-op at Times Square? Is this symbolically creepy? If so, look for the signs.

3) Government is not something you cook, or hide under the lid. Has transparency become a possession? Do we need an exorcist? Is the gusher in the Gulf a puisne from British petroleum?

See yesterday’s post entitled “Terminally Dumb People” by William Blum and compare the nihilistic nature implications and their possible augmentations that have been utilized for propaganda.

[1] Note: Renaissance and puissance are not the same. Can you tell the difference? The puissance basically pukes its own power in spite of the equilibrium awakening, the act of being reborn again; Enate is the mother’s side, agnate, the father’s side, both associated with the nailing, or nāscī derivative, to be born, and this is how the puisne works, afterwards + born, similar to rubbing the bottle for the genie and whalla, the soul is vacuumed and stripped of its connate dignity. This is the same power that is used in the birthing process which is inherently natal, in that process you are born once. See (pregnant2 – per-4-) It may be clear that being reborn as the renaissance has been monopolized in Arian fashion, and not available for indigenous purposes. Lexical similarities: Nazarene, Nazi, (being born), Noël, (born again), all stemming from the innate possessions. See root genə-.


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