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In the Middle of Chaos

© Chris Bird

By Jon Bourn
Editor of Jerico Rendezvous Blog

In the Middle of Chaos

We live in a world where we must be able to put ourselves into the lives of others, like the old saying, “in someones shoes”, so to speak, in order to determine what one should do in respect to others. This empathic nature defeats what is perceived as the cooperative, which is really just corporatization, and the manifestation of the criminal state where power generated through empathy no longer exists, a system that has no ground level failsafe. It is historically thought that unions would heal the methodology, but the white house remains obstructing the flow of empathy for the existing hegemony.

Cooperation is presumably only sought up hill, a defective and dying method, already proven and elaborated to fail, as here by Tom Engelhardt.

John Kozy also describes this state in a recent article, “The Psychopathic Criminal Enterprise Called America” where the adjective “criminal” has been bound by the malefactor.

When corporations are accused of wrongdoing, they often reply that what they did was legal, but legal is not a synonym for right. When criminals gain control, they legalize criminality.

Unless the government of the United States changes its behavior, this nation is doomed. No one in government seems to realize that dissimulation breeds distrust, distrust breeds suspicion, and suspicion eventually arouses censure. Isn’t that failure of recognition by the establishment a sign of criminal psychopathology?

The obvious example of suspicion was recently exhibited in Destin, Florida in relation to the criminal state in specifically how it cooperates to suppress the damaging effects in bizarre fashion. Just as Noam Chomsky outlined in his elaboration of the middle, the sanity clause will not hold up. The same goes for examples in nature. Some insects destroy others of their own kind, they are referred to as pests. Today, they are your representatives who vote to destroy others, a feature that is unique to the criminal state.

Propagandists do their work in breaking down distrust where suspicion is aroused. Events like in Destin blow that out of proportion. This medium has been disrupted elsewhere to some degree, here are a couple of examples. In the midst of the left as in the matrix, we have this example at the Signs of the Times. However, on the right, the example is cooperatively arranged, it is called a tea party. Both of these examples are strongly attached to the system where suspicion is handled, and censure does not exist, the final and necessary element for empathy to blossom.

With that said, most still do not understand their innate pathos and its associations with that of the system. Most continue to turn their televisions on; continue to absorb the propaganda they do not recognize. They do not consider their feelings are their own and loose touch with their being and become an cooperative expression of the system rather then themselves. Labor is not nourished, the system is the baby to drill. Just think for a minute, has this not been the American way?

The system is consumption stipulated by profit alone as recently elaborated on the televised news where it was hinted in the reconstruction of Louisiana. Truly, the real problems are much more complicated and our continued global consumption must cease for the emancipation of the indigenous people. They are the true owners.

To break up the intelligence, pictures are painted as public affairs, such as the melting pot of conspriacy theories, to combat this esoteric element where a strong censure will begin to develop, and eventual freedom from that mental slavery. Oddly in the Gulf, the inept will accept that breathing deadly chemicals will suffice, and that living in its perpetual midst is acceptable. Some even believe we come from a supreme being, we are of the gods, and deserve our lands which have all been settled. All this without the blessing of nature, the systemic holy body is propped, and also without realizing the awful danger of god like productions that opposes the ability to discern reality, similarly expressed in the news where it is said that Obama will save the day in the Gulf disaster; these are thwarted with endless nonsense which serves as entertainment for the chaotic void.

This is also recently outlined in an interview with Peter Phillips of Project Censored with Boiling Frogs where a hyper reality is constructed effectively stopping the brain from functioning, and the ability to detect obstruction; the status quo of profits. Obstructively, the system provides the sales, and the means by which system value is made whether it is of real value or not. The nettlesome nature relieves the observer that a empathic social structure must exist, justice will come out of the blue, and one may comfortably keep shopping for more.

However, those in power know they are now in deep shit, and their bureaucratic response is to bury their greed with austerity in a last ditch effort to keep the demon alive, one that is now consuming the essence of nature whole.

These measures and escrows are like a snake who must shed its skin so that it may slip off to another yachting event. Many recognize the damage but are left helpless by the criminal enterprise.

Conclusively, our society must spread the funds on the ground level fairly, or eventually and inevitably, they will come for you, as expressed with imperialism.

With the elections quickly coming up, we can already sense an attempt to change nothing is at hand. It is time to censure those and to keep fighting to make others aware of the damage being done by the divisive political culture, a price our children cannot pay to those who have no empathy for mankind. It has come to the point of realizing that our children are much smarter than we are, as they would already tell you that war and hegemony are not approved. You can’t approve them in the current environment.

Numbers should make us strong, not destroy us or make us ill. We have lost our will to empathize with life through deviant methods set in place to obstruct justice. Our will to become one must prevail and to blow the whistle as loudly as possible, it’s in the spirit of the dancing bee.

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