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The Adversary

By Jon Bourn
Editor of Jericho Rendezvous Blog

The Adversary

If you thought you were going to have a debate to solve your problems, you would want to have that debate with the dumbest most ignorant being on the planet, one that has no defense. This way you’d win right? That’s the game that is being played, and you my friend are the instrument.

Satan is so stupid that he can’t even count, he just eats and he needs you to help him.

After thousands of years his reign has become supreme, and he is finalizing his plans for the big show down. After the battle, Satan’s reign will be no where on Earth. We will be left wondering ‘What Happened’.

You may wonder, who is Satan? This will be easy, just replace the word Satan with the word money and you’ll be home free. Satan is born into the life of every baby as soon as they are born. Satan will be with you for your entire life, and if you do not obey Satan, you will literally die.

Satan has all your children as his whim. He has your mother. He has your father. He has everyone you know. This does not make Satan ok, it tells us that his reign is now, and that you are not only his slave, but it is you and I and everyone else that makes his day possible.

A world without Satan is not beyond our thinking or beyond our capability.

In fact, it is quite possible. However, to remove Satan and finally be saved as they coin it, Satan will have to go away, and those who are his puppets will not let go of Satan so easily. They would rather see everyone on Earth die first, then they will let Satan go because they know his power is a complete farce. As long as they can have more than others, your death will continue as scheduled. Some of the affects of his reign are obvious, and they are beginning to surface more readily in the news.

Living in the lost world as explained by Chris Hedges leaves the working people, and the majority of the population scratching their heads wondering why we even have a government in the first place. Academic discipline is transmuted into an anonymous propaganda as far as the eye can see. Chris highlights on the Real News Network how Satan digs in deep into the lifeblood of our globally adverse bound society.

Satan can’t get enough, he wants it all. He makes you think that if you obey his command, that things will only ‘get better’, and the life he has will keep you warm at night. Satan has a vast empire of conglomerations and option packages to keep you busy thinking he is not in charge. Step by step, he moves closer to his goal and that goal is to make you suffer ‘sucker’ because you were as ignorant as he is and those who love him the most are now getting paid off according to his plan. Those who represent Satan will by no means cut back on the promotion and branding of Satan, the master of the universe, that which heals all surface wounds, the true god of trust in America. On the contrary, we see what Satan has done not only to America, but to the world.

His power is relentless, it care for no life, only death, the key to his success. His mission is also vague but simple, its main ingredient is suffering in all forms of oppression, this is his food.

Earth is transformed into property, food is unnecessary, Satan has no use for it, and it will be phased out over time. Although, many who are possessed by Satan are not fully aware of this, those who are will make considerations for slavery to process their Satan blessed food substances. As Satan expands his empire, his presence will continue to creep into the psyches of those who have access to his power, they themselves will become his puppets. Our leaders are possessed by Satan and what he has to offer as a god, they act like they care about you while behind closed doors they laugh and giggle at how ignorant you have become. The facts be that they have learned how to caress Satan and keep him hard for their desires, and to send out chills of domination.

Satan must continually possess all that life has to offer. The art of caring is a crime, no one must be cared for unless Satan is fed first. If someone is starving to death, “kill them”, Satan replies. If you have no water, “Then die”, Satan blurts while sipping on his wine. These are just a handful of some the comparisons that exemplify our current demise. His greatest art is that of the enemy, because this is his name. It isn’t rocket science, all wars are started by Satan, and all your enemies are actually just people who truly have no link to Satan whatsoever, as Satan is a complete abstraction. His only power is in getting you to count him.

Imagine a world without him, it is worth the ride. Everything in the world would be free. Of course, everything in the world we have is already needed or people would not be making it right? People do not want to sit around the house all day watching TV, mostly, but seriously, what would everyone do? They would keep doing what they are doing now to some extent.

Corporations who elected people as labor would have to be nice, as everyone would be hiring, or if too many workers showed up, some could go elsewhere and be elected. Government would be built into the system, not a full-blown outside organization that provided no real benefit. It would all have to go and be rewired into citizenship. If we can spend just a little time thinking about it, you will immediately see that all the so-called impossibles become possible. It would immediately destroy the enemy and if the entire world agreed, Satan would die in one day, and bartering would begin.

Here are a few of the ideas that have kept me up at night and are only designed to get you thinking about living in a Satan free world. We start with the basics.

No one would be allowed to use Satan.

Satan’s aparthied would be banned for life.

All forms of Satan would be destroyed.

Anyone caught with Satan would be fined education.

All weapons would be destroyed.

Killing would for the better part stop, although fights would still need to be dealt with appropriately.

Knifes, and stabbing devices would be restricted by residence, and caretakers.

Countries would be forced to localize their freedoms.

The security apparatus would be diverted to all the paraphernalia that is materially made, and that of transportation to monitor safety, distribution flow, and availability. Instead of wiring ourselves for Satan, we wire him instead, and knowing his power flows as greed.

The drug wars would end as individual monitoring evolves.

Everyone would have to work, unless they are crippled, or over 50. At 50, everyone in the world would retire, or work as caregivers if they wish.

Everyone would be allowed to have a decent home, there are plenty of vacant ones that could be saved in America, but also understanding that the current environment is in need of much reform based on transportation excess, which is an unwise planetary alignment. People need people more than they need a home. The closer people are, the closer they will be also understanding that having space is a sacred practice. Those without homes will have them built for free.

Electricity will be free, although massive reform is needed to sustain life and prevent disease.

Food and water will be free to all. Obviously, people will not stop growing food, but their reasons for growing it will change, and be more in line with citizen rule.

Countries refusing to go free will be boycotted both in travel and goods.

They will have to be sealed off if necessary. However, their visiting citizens may remain and lose their citizenship’s in those countries.

All other countries will immediately set up bartering plans, although no other type of trade will be allowed forcing those countries which are too dependent on others to enforce their sustainability or relocate to a better Earth zone through free approval.

There would be no war, ever!

All of our perceived enemies would be in celebration and looking forward to peaceful times finally arriving.

To get those who hold out on weapons, free wide-screen TV’s can be handed out to anyone bringing them in for melting. (Just an idea)

Also to get people to relinquish their ultimate Satan’s, food caregivers would have to record data on all people, not to harass, but to track individuals until all forms of weapons have been confiscated. Manufacturing facilities would have to be destroyed worldwide. This would take much coordination, but its premise is no more difficult than let’s say, economics.

The truth however would be much more difficult, and it is Satan that is the problem. Over time, Satan’s power will gradually diminish and allow the world to continue to destroy his power, eventually destroying all traces.

This is like anything else, you have to work at it and promote it.

There would be no banks. These are just dens for Satan. Financial terrorism would end.

No credit cards. Everyone has credit.

No PR firms or advertising other than free.

There would be so much that was free, we might even begin to realize that all that we really want is each other, and we would begin to settle down, and have that Earth seance we’ve been waiting for.

I get excited about learning how to do things that I never had the opportunity to do and could get free lessons, for instance, Washington would have to go. So we get some truckers to wheel up some Cats to Washington, and we can give free lessons on removing garbage from the environment.

There would be no congress.

There would be no president.

There would be no house of representatives.

There would be no supreme court.

There would be only caregivers, and of course academic organizers.

Peace makers would be necessary.

There would be no prisons, only health facilities and healers.

There would be no way to kill another except for those chances that are woven into the daily routine which would be monitored by peace makers.

Peacemakers will answer to caregivers.

Caregivers will answer to academic organizers.

Academic organizers will answer to Peacemakers.

If this doesn’t work, try something similar.

Imagine a world that was truly focused on education and learning.

All churches would be turned into libraries and the promotion of truth and stories of Satan’s power from long ago.

No one in the world would have to suffer.

No one would have to be locked up, well, maybe, for a little while.

Religions would finally see the light and finally know who had been their enemy for so long.

Conflicts would be more easily solved, as more options would exist. Remember, Satan was stupid, so we’ll just use all the options he once had for ourselves.

Those in their castles will probably kill themselves and make our jobs much easier in removing their dead bodies.

You see, they won’t have any reason to be here.

This is how you kill Satan without lifting a finger.

All we have to do is set a date and tell the world. The constitution allows it. Then, the paperwork will be distributed to all organizations in preparation for the final date of transformation where all armies are automatically reverted to new authorization and to confiscate all traces of Satan on the entire planet, paper and minted anomalies to be burned and melted or stored for various manufacturing needs that correlate new commands.

Of course, everyone will immediately be notified of the free law.

The biggest change will be the Internet. Google will not be as needed, goodbye Google. We will only need social networks and academic writing hives where people can learn and find out about other learning venues where networks provides information about where to find free food, water, clothing, and support materials from other bee hives around the world. The Internet will open as a galaxy with stars drenched in the Milky Way.

I also envision based on the current environment that the world would abound in those of Shamanism and those who spend all their time caring for others. This world would break all bounds before it, and would meet god.

A signal would be sent out across the galaxy that Earth was finally free.

What’s the difference between this world and the one we live in now?

S a t a n.

The adversary.

Just think about how much he has screwed up your life and how much effort you have put into him while he pulls your strings.

All those who presently abuse the system would automatically receive their due, instantly.

Pharmaceutical companies would immediately have to prove everything beyond a shadow of any doubt and used only in emergencies to save a life from near death.

Preventing accidents would be a top job, above CEO, which would no longer exist other than citizen management.

Those that were heavily dependent on Satan would vanish in a cloud.

We might have to get used to going without for awhile, but Inter-Galactic would be free and we could spend our time learning and helping others find things to share.

Postal service would be principally Galactic, except for Trans-line rail service stop points.

There would be no taxes. You should already know this by now.

The Republicans have wanted to get rid of government for years.

The Democrats have wanted to get rid of the Republicans for years.

The idea of a free world is so good, I could write ideas forever.

Art and Music would EXPLODE. And, it would all be free.

It may seem odd, but biblical text defines Satan quite clearly in Revelation Chapter Six when referring to the Black horse, and a perceived scale of balance that he has inherited, and when he offers to trade his wears in verse Six. The only ingredient missing in this horror show is you.

Today, information takes on his presence, and soon he will want to mark you for that presence in the new Satan security apparatus. When this is completed, there will be no escape from him. While we are blinded by Google, he will move in for the kill, which is happening now. The paperwork trail is being set to his pulse. Eventually, all information will be his, and you will be a part of Satan forever, from birth, to death. In forcing engines to the hives, the beast is devoured.

Since Satan is stupid, he requires others to assimilate him, and these information handlers are there to collect for him so that he can grow.

Since all data is instantly dead, he is upset and wants to reach out so to speak. Satan will only grow more powerful until we all die, or a majority die and a few are left to forget him, as he is only in your mind.

All of our hate is his food, and we hate because he requests it.

I will leave the reader to ponder the possibilities and to ask a serious question to our hearts. Why haven’t we grown up?

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