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By Gordon Duff



In 2000, the United States Supreme Court, by a 5/4 margin, the deciding vote being Justice Clarence Thomas, perhaps the worst justice in court history, elected a President. Investigations since have shown that the election wasn’t even close, Bush lost by millions of votes and more than a few states.

Electronic voting machines were hacked then and again in 2004. Exit polling, our only reliable statistical control proves it alone. However, the string of suppressed criminal prosecutions tied to the massive electoral fraud are not hard to discover. There were also some mysterious deaths.

Of course, the court has no place in a Presidential election, no constitutional provision allowed them to stop a recount under the guise of “equal protection.” This was a coup, plain and simple. A few months later we had 9/11 and the Patriot Acts. After that, there was no more constitution, only “emergency decrees” which stripped citizens of all constitutional rights.


We began arresting people and detaining them without trial, torturing confessions, denying legal representation. We ended the right to be confronted by one’s accuser, all privacy rights disappeared and then we started summary executions, foreign nationals, American citizens, no trial, no oversight, nothing.

The rights won by the English nobility from King John, the Magna Carta, disappeared and are permanently gone. Without habeas corpus, there is no freedom of any kind. Habeas corpus was suspended five years ago and will never return. No American has had a single guaranteed right of any kind for that long.

We can’t even begin to discuss constitutional rights. They no longer exist, not under Bush who took them away or under Obama who enjoys the same privileges.

Invasions. We invaded two countries, installed corrupt dictatorships and began stripping one of its oil while turning the other into the largest narcotics source in the history of the world. In the process, we stripped America too, clean as a “Safeway chitterling” (chitlin’).

At home, the Supreme Court decided that bribing elected officials was a right of “free speech.” If all corporate ownership and control was entirely American this would still be an abuse. However, since most of America is owned and controlled by a combination of Israelis, Chinese and Arabs, three groups with powerful agendas that are inconsistent with American values, the court ended up transferring what little power and influence America once had over her own affairs offshore.

In truth, that happened in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was set up, foreign owned banks that took control of the US economy. The constitution expressly forbid such a thing but had no power to stop it.

A constitution with no power isn’t a constitution at all.

We could look at constitutional history. A good case could be made for the convention that drafted the constitution having one clear agenda, protecting rule by the few and creating a sham democracy. The idea of this might shock some Americans. Who thinks about things like having two houses in congress or a supreme court. Nobody ever asks about the electoral college. OK, look at this for a moment. We elect the senate, or at least now we do. They used to be picked, not elected and were like our nobility, with power to control all legislation. The senate was the rich people and their chosen representatives who could stop any law. They also ratified treaties and confirmed Supreme Court justices.

When you realize that the president was chosen through an “electoral college” and not a real vote and that the congress was controlled by a senate that wasn’t elected and the Supreme Court was picked by a president picked by the electoral college and justices were confirmed by a senate that was picked, your head should be swimming.

Some of that is changed. We elect the senate now. It hasn’t made much difference.

You say it doesn’t matter anyway, you say that all parties, all candidates are exactly the same, taking orders from the same people, the same corporations or the same foreign countries? Is this what you are saying? Wasn’t the constitution supposed to stop all this?

Do you see what I mean by “fail?”

It isn’t even that. Congress is run by “rules.” No law can be voted on without getting out of committee, committees which are controlled by legislators with lots of seniority, generally from areas that don’t have, well, what do we call it? Free elections?

What has happened is that powerful financial organizations have gotten control of key regions of the country, maintained that control for generations and inherited control of each committee in our legislature. This gives those “money boys” total control of the government. No law is even read without their nod, much less voted on.

What we have ended up with is a government that does one thing full time, campaign. And, as campaigns last forever and cost endless amounts of money and corporations owned by prettymuch anyone can give as much as they want anywhere and anytime, your government will, by necessity, only represent the rich and powerful.

If this were the case, we would always be at war.

If this were the case, we would have a continually lowering standard of living and an increasing gulf between rich and poor.

If this were the case, the streets would be full of drugs and the prisons would be overflowing.

If this were the case, Americans would be afraid of their own government.


First thing, get rid of the Federal Reserve.  I liked that part of the constitution, the place where it said only congress had the right to print money.  Keep that.  Ever notice how all the other countries in the world seem to have parliaments and prime ministers?  Ever notice how, when someone really screws up, a government can “fall?”  Right now, the Supreme Court by a 5/4 margin is likely to do anything asked of it, whether by an oil company or that “special country” in the Middle East.  You know the one.

No more seniority system, no more “soft money,” no more special retirement, no more lobbyists, no more free trips, no foreign money spent on our government, no more “work for the people today” and get paid by the folks you were supposed to protect the people from for the rest of your life.


How many Americans know that judges are picked by political parties?  Yup, they may be elected but most elections in the US are virtually unopposed.

In fact, most elections aren’t elections at all.  The winner is chosen in a primary, picked based on financial backing, not dedication or experience.  This guarantees that there will never be an honest judge and damn few honest people in government beyond township supervisor or town council.

If you could check, and you can’t, you will find that, in the majority of cases, one person makes decisions for an entire state, usually the person with the connections to the utility companies, organized crime, the  casino industry and trade unions.  Check into President Harry S. Truman’s career.




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  1. Amy Aremia
    September 20, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    The Consitution, within the shortest period of time, made the United State the greatest, freest, and richest nation ever seen….until corruption set in.

    Only the consant alarms of war,and ideological struggles have obscured the fact that our political-social system is rapidly beig transformed into something that not only is strange, but also is alarming. Hidden within the broader tragedy of a world in chaos is still another tragic drama–the utter breakdown in its most essential parts of a unique way of life; that has been made possible by a political tradition that has been all but discarded.

    In order to get back to our Constitutional Republic each Congressional District, for the 2012 elections, must make a concerted effort to find true patriotic Americans, who will uphold the Constitution, yet blessed with enough moral strength and sanity, to rescind those laws which are in variance.with it and have created a massive downward swing of the political pendulum toward the dark depths of a dictatorship as brutally regimented and so completely destructive of human dignity as ever dreamed of, be put into practice by the twisted genius of an elite, arrogant, internationalist, group coolly as well as contemptuously conspires to mold the little people into their powerful collective will..

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