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A Few Words

By Jon Bourn
Editor of Jericho Rendezvous Blog

All that is left in America is pain. The coup d’etat is over. I personally stand at a cross road where my chances of survival have dwindled and the likelihood of loosing everything has risen dramatically. I’ll know the answer in the next few months along with millions of others who just disappear, and are left to fend in a world fraught with corruption. If you wonder why nothing changes, you may have part of the answer. Without money, evil says you are evil. I don’t buy it. It’s bad medicine. Work truly has nothing to do with it, we all want to do something. Hate mongers will tell you to get a job, but if the job doesn’t suffice, it is you that is to blame.

Our fear-induced elections, a sort of epitasis in the techo-stream of death will change nothing as Americans sleep through life to appease the evil that bestows them. Oblivious to knowledge, their moralism reigns. Why have we not learned what knowledge truly is? A simple description is that of the ladder and the position we take upon it. It’s length is perpetual traveling in both direction beyond sight leaving only one direction where morality remains and described by G. I. Gurdjeiff in the following quote:

“The more moral a man is, the more immoral does he think other moral people.”

Morality begins the process of discerning knowledge where reason is also developed and that which separates us homogeneously from non-human life. Our semantic world outlines how this is established in the mind. We begin the assumption with the root stem me-1 (pronounced like me), and this is immediately reflected as mē-1 (pronounced like measure), a derivative of moral. As we climb the ladder, our confusion is addressed between me-2 and mē-2. It is here that money is placed. The next two versions of me (mē-3, and mē-4) explain what happens once this is done; a total of 52 words in six root groups of the lexicon.

Surprisingly, this is an analogy to the universe built out of the lexicon as a pentimento of metaphorical efficiency. As an example, all measurement today is based on money, and it is here that the picture is painted. A glance at where our thoughts develop might change that picture and reveal the truer nature of the spirit and soul of our indigenous world. Money itself has no brain, it depends on us to make it real and this is called slavery to something that is unable to think.

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