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What Happened to Religious Freedom?

By Jon Bourn [Editor comment]

Over the last few days of reading about Egypt and their peaceful revolution, the report implies a great fear is upon the land, but it is not seen as part of thinking, it is more an institution for what is to be felt. What our Egyptian brothers and sisters may have finally accomplished was to realize that what they felt was not an institution, this was the true freedom of thinking that came about in their surrender, something that comes about by letting go of illusion.

The apropos notions of extremism must also be applied to all forms as expressed. There is no religion today that is not extreme in some form. There is no use in calling Muslims extremist if you leave out the opulent American or Israeli versions. Surrendering judgment is the beginning of a peaceful evolution.

It is true, religion today does not offer freedom to think and interpret, as this is the way to understanding judgment. The American conspiracy of a dichotomous church and state has always been a lie. A true religious sense would have preserved the livelihoods of the masses, and as we can see, this is now abound with suffering. If religious extremism is to be defined, this was accomplished long ago right here in America.

Religion can not be separated from living, they are one, and in what manner one lives. Whatever time is spent living reveals the religious nature of life. It serves no purpose to call yourself Christian, Muslim, or Jew, there is no clear differences to breathing, thinking, or consuming between individuals albeit some more than others.

In a process, often referred to by Noam Chomsky’s phraseology of “lame duck” notions, we are told that religion occurs in a church, a mosque, or a dome of the rock, and it is here that judgments are performed. The truth however is quite clear, this is where thinking is to be placed, a safe keeping for thought control, and the institution of feelings seems obviously detectable.

What is said outside as the lame duck metopic illusion is conclusively defined as theater, and propaganda. There is no real thought or participation, this is completely an act and attempt to thwart real thinking as instituted long ago. The result has been the disillusion that church or state even exist, as one entraps, and the other is a corporation.

Religious influence now dictates the world, all battling between themselves for a position on the chess board where life is a game of chance and self-enrichment. Religious freedom is being expressed both as a weapon of mass destruction, and from the heart of living. One is a lame duck fantasy that is being held in place, and one is the awakening and understanding of judgments.

  1. February 1, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    The above article about religion is a total nonsense. Feather headed people always fall in to this specific pit: They are not able to distinguish between religions and followers of the religions.

    Jews, Christians and Muslims do not represent their religions. They are only followers. And when you judge them all by their religions criteria , a great deal of them is criminal.

    Do not judge religions by the acts of their followers, but judge followers of religions by their religions.

    • February 1, 2011 at 2:31 pm

      I would mark your comment as spam, but you have made such a fool of yourself, there is no need. How do you define feather headed in the first place, you cannot. It is a notion of racism that you use as a basis for thought, and that you are obviously unwilling to relent. The determination of what they represent cannot be made, it is individual. That is your personal judgment in force, but it does not give you the right to imply racists notions. People follow because of propaganda, and this is what you seem incapable of perceiving as per the stigmas you are bound to.

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