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Israel, Thy Name is Arrogance

By Joharah Baker

Israel, Thy Name is Arrogance

It goes without saying there is many an Arab leader right now spending sleepless nights, tossing and turning in the fear that their turn is next. The turn of events in the last few weeks has been nothing short of fascinating. I have spent hours, teary-eyed and goose-bumped, marveling at the strength, determination and sheer courage of Tunisians and Egyptians, of the images of Jordanians and Algerians as they take to the streets demanding change. Nowhere has this been more amazing than in Egypt as millions of people insist that the 30-year old autocracy of Hosni Mubarak come to an end. Most predictions give Mubarak a few weeks, if not days left in power, even though the aging president himself insists he will continue what is left of his term. As the protests grow louder and Mubarak’s inevitable downfall grows closer, Tel Aviv’s worry lines get deeper by the minute.

For Israel, when the Mubarak regime falls, it will leave a gaping hole of uncertainty in terms of the new relationship the two countries will have to forge. Mubarak ā€“ Israel’s holy cow in the Arab world ā€“ has been one of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest allies in the region, with the two meeting in closed quarters in Sharm Al Sheikh as recent as two weeks ago.

Amazing what a few days and a million people can change.

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