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Yang over Yin? Multi-dimensional Thinking

By Jon Bourn

Memory forms character, it cannot be made into stigma.

As with the void of politics which holds character in place as the illusion of prominence only to stigmatize a meditative media as propaganda. Instead of learning from these characters, they are used to prevent awakening to them and the horrible results they have offered the working people. Middle class begins when you realize these illusions. Those who adapt their belief to them, travel into the void as far as they conceive now reigning in their stigma in monetary form.

In the book, “In Search of the Miraculous,” P. D. Ouspensky writes about G. I. Gurdjieff who explains how stigma and our instincts are understood. His example was to drop change out of his pocket as he walked while you walked behind him, and of a particular group, at least one would immediately pick it up to alert Gurdjieff that he has dropped something. In essence, this shows how what he referred to as Astrology has embedded our neurons.

In relation to Astrology, the stigmas of a political party are formed on this basis where memory consumes stigma at the behest of acceptable behavior promulgated as a fury to be held high. The mirror is plain to see for those who see through it, for what is considered elite in today’s standards is visibly involved, such as revolt occurring in Wisconsin and the Koch Industries who have a fascist influence which can be best described as monetary dominance. “If we cannot keep our power in place, then others must be punished by our power.”

What is strongly in power on the right is also working to allude on the left as when the Vanity Fair is promulgated on the Jon Stewart show downplaying truth for all to see. It seems that the implication of gambling is being painted on the working people as cover.

Character does not belong but as an art. Main-streamy media propagates art as stigma to hide character. It is greedy extremists and psychopaths that help to create the chaos that has resulted. It is the overwhelming urge for character where none truly exists. Glenn Beck is a perfect example. Character encompasses a macro-ethos of all our learnings stemming out of the cataclysms on earth which are hidden from us with overlaying blackboard stigmas.

This monstrous ideology of control is now stigmatized beyond anything reasonable for society to exist, and to implement unity in a perceived commerce. It’s basic functions do not operate and we are left with the pony show. It is only referred to as Noam Chomsky places the context in a cold code word stability when it is the ideology of gods painted in the sky perpetuating pathocracy and pathological disorder.

Upon realizing the relation to social mathematics, we may see both the disease, and the cure, while knowing of its nature. The truth is that we are all in the same sinking ship as David DeGraw writes in relation to the instituted divide and conquer strategy in place and the extremists effects that pervade official culture.

To avoid the final delusion of ideology, we must see its power for what it truly is. It is comparable to condition a priori to environment and the mythos generation, to make the stigma amber as a doctrine. No condition can exist without memory, the vast character of history that represents the wave of time from cataclysm to the next. A medicine man sees condition as environment, not a priori to form character, but to see where change truly exists.

Just as Gilad Atzmon reveals the naked condition by calling a spade a spade, monetary force alludes the essence of the religious Faust where reaction dwells upon the painted bunting.

It is up to us to see the dropping of change for what it is. A character where none exists. The essence of the psychopaths. The gods of war.

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