Physiognomy and Language

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Part 1: The Case for the Kneading Figments

Many consider etymology boring. I immediately have a tendency to laugh, as what I am about to show you should conclusively change your mind. Our ability to think and communicate begins at birth, but is based on our ability to use words that we learn and then provide us the navigation which in turn will become the decisions made for our entire life. What many may not realize is the stigmas that affect those decisions are not only ancient in nature, they are fully activated. One example is the two-party system, which will become evident in this description.

You may ask, “Where does our language come from?” “Why do we have nouns, and what are they, really?” “Do you consider the technical aspects or the fundamental aspects?” “What is a noun really based on?”

These are question we should ask, and the answers should be as close to a fact as possible. There is no perfect fact, it is accuracy. We truly are not gods. Mathematics cannot argue with itself, it is only a tool, just as technology. In order for our perceived world to function, a plan was made based on the fundamental aspects that we assume. Our universe has laws, which are also technical, like a tool, nothing else. A tool can be made to do practically anything we imagine, but they must follow the laws not from man, but from what is perceived accurately by the many. Extreme accuracy provides the wonders of the universe.

So what have we learned? We have learned everything in communication from these accuracies which comes from the bases of knowledge and emotion. We have learned from a set of rules for English that define the sun, water, and earth as primary elements for life. Within this realm, we breath and our brains fire neurons that allow us to operate and possess this state of being. These simple accuracies are assigned, and off we go creating millions of variants all stemming from the same fundamental plan.

We begin with the “noun” and attempt to describe it in the simplest terms possible. Take an object as the subject, the pencil. When we look at the word that describes it, it really does not tell us much. If we begin to describe the true pencil, it would be elaborate, and we could easily write a full page on description alone. A noun must also have some of the essence of the verb, or it could not exist. A noun is not alone, it is a place and it is a thing. In order to perceive it, a connection must be made. The observer provides both the quality and the action at hand. Without the observer, there is no one to give anything a name.

Of course, there is also those who would argue our world is not real, and that the laws we have made are bunk, and this is again technology interfering with the elemental aspects of our world, language becomes propaganda efficiently approved. As for the noun, it helps us to know what things are, but more often than not, it is just a place to keep it whether in the mind, or on a shelf. As we understand, a noun is only a figment of kneading, a complete fabrication. The word itself is made up by man to describe something that “is”, and now exists whether natural or unnatural. Truly, the noun has nothing to do with what “is”, it is merely a description, a mathematical techno-tool. As for the noun being an object, it is rather a subject, thanks to the observer.

How can we apply the essence of the noun to our elemental factors, and does this stem our of our own being?

We can apply this essence to our kneading bodies as this is the most logical foundation. It begins with balance, as with the lungs, the breasts, the testicles, even the eyes, the arms, and the legs which hold up the being upright with an eastern orientation, that being aware of time in relation to the sun. A noun could be considered to have a strange and powerful accuracy of its own, but does the noun describe matter or being?

Consciousness is thought to be a part of both, like a signal that is left behind. However, both are affected by quality and action which seems to keep going, eventually returning everything to its fundamental state no matter the creation.

A noun is defined as a word (label) that is used to name (describe) a person, place, thing, quality, or action and can function as the subject or object of a verb, the object of a preposition, or as appositive, from Middle English, name, noun, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin nomen, or nomin, from the root no-men-.

This can be applied physiognomy as the body of both animals and humans which form the basis of our language resulting in a technology that allows us to learn. These elements can be assigned to their original makings which drive the species. These considerations are not often made, we have become inured and apathetic of technology, when this is again only a tool that is now obsessed with its own propaganda, a matter of the figment of efficiency. The tone at which balance can be measured is amiss.

We may also learn that the figments are possessed by fear and envy, and our inability to understand them. An example that I once described was if you the observer saw your demise, as in the falling comet, it becomes impossible to discern whether fear or envy is in control, as they both hold the flame in your mind. Do you fear the loss of your life force, or do you envy knowing you will not be having one? Which one is it that possesses you? They become the same. It is called death.

Eventually, the use of the space becomes evident, and what is used must suffer from the quality and action that begs at the alter. That which is denied, is returned to ash. In order to describe the unending bond of the figments and their requirements of one another, we must view the mask as it is, using the technical aspect to discern in the same way as being, a formulation of elevation, a fundamental aspect.

In our present world, there is much confusion in relation to this elevation and its properties, and specifically related to the noun which rests in two positions. To discern the most accurate truth, we must consider life itself, and knowing that procreation must follow these laws in order to create life. We should also know that love and creating life bond together whether sound or not, too much life brings burden, too little brings extinction.

Astrology tells us that the bridge is masculine as set forth by labels, and acceptance of the no-men power, but not realizing the source essence is in play, and the complete pathos which tells us this is not true. The harmony between these two stipulation as arranged etymologically is predominantly influenced by the no-men power, which in effect, would alter our perception to that of the technology unless discerned.

How do we get past this? Can we understand why this is a mistake? If we consider fear just as a form of knowledge, and envy as a form of the past, that being the ability to measure, we may succeed. Fear is only that which we do not have answers formulated for accuracy yet. Envy is manifested from the processing of time, a matter of measuring at light speed. That point in time must exist as the smallest measurement ever made. It beckons the alter.

Let’s observe the no-men individually to help the reader discern the truth concerning our public and political nature beginning with the legendary Zeus, and our perceived final destination, a puny wing on the dinosaur. We may also call this wing the letter b. This position represents the Lion and the Man in mythology, and as these stigmas are aligned through astrology, and essence of the church, or house of residence.

© R. Mark Sink, may not be reproduced

As was described for envy, we see that the noun or label is transformed into a new label which now possess the journey. Two examples are the word drive and sleep, and considered intransitive. The labels do not require or cannot take a direct object, they remain subject to the journey. The reader may want to apply this to the concept of “Republican”. The reader may enhance this ability by getting used to lemmas and their navigation. This is becoming familiar with root structure. A good example is the comparison between sing and singular which monitors the bridge. It should be obvious the nature of our bodies in relation to our preposition which is centered upon the elevation, (shown on diagram).

With this simple application, the intransitive verb creation, much may be learned publicly and politically, and considering the house in question in which you live. Let’s now observe the darker warrior, the letter d, and the messenger and that which is infinite. Confusion remains between the eagle, the ox, and the serpents.

© R. Mark Sink, may not be reproduced

In order for a subject to be measured, it must become an object, an action is ever occurring but must be measured as with the use of a verb in sentence construction. Each position plays a part in the masquerade, one means “to go over”, the other “to place trust”. We assume the funny looking piece of wood that surrounds the thin thread of lead is legitimately named with the label “pencil” even though it lacks self description, we create it out of the blue. These signals are precariously aligned for the functions we stimulate. When thinking of the word “pencil”, we may rather imagine the essence of becoming free, the pensive one who rests on the sill out the window. For this calculation (journey across the bridge), we may begin to sense the true essence of the bridge in question, and something that has been designed from intelligence, and the perpetual happiness in the process of measuring for accuracy, and to beckon the light. The reader may now want to consider the applications and concept of “Democrat” in relation to the transitive data.

In the 5 years and counting of research in etymology, I have assigned at least one root that defines the elevation in five positions, that being the root bhel– which follows the duplicity and complicating the bases when associated with historical content, such as the humors. It is here that essence wobbles, and the tornado touches ground. In nature it is simple to understand that the figments provide a form of balance both in air and fire which we ourselves depend on in procreation.

The verb is everywhere; it is the conscience thought of as conscious, and perpetually typed over each other, a sound in the dark that tells you of barrier. This signals the bearing, and the transitions like the ticking of a clock, measurement is fundamental. In remaining as close to the basics as possible, implicit differentiation is reduced. This is expressed in the system which denies the basis of value for the mistaken alignment in the wobble. One may also assume this differentiations obsess the pattern making of all life.

To end this section, we must consider that without water, there is no fire, and without earth, there would be no air. We may also consider that water and air are one, and earth and fire are one. And, we will deny them all and their alchemist wormwood.

You may also desire to learn that what you perceive truly does have a plan that is intricately arranged for you, in that sense intelligently designed.

The truth, however, it just the opposite. A tool has been created, quite useful, and if understood, quite revealing.

The reader should be aware that this is diametrically the essence of the body, and the left is right, and right is left in depiction as a mirror. To study the brain is recommended in that context.

Reference notes:

The reader may refer to etymology with the listed words displayed on the diagrams, and the PDF, to study the sound relationships which will assist in navigation. They are also quite revealing.

The name of the researcher is R. Mark Sink, and his website [enter link] describes a method of study related to human functioning and well-being by the improvement of living conditions in fundamental form rather than technically stimulated.

Etymology worksheet:
[Includes mythology, astrology, week alignment (Some of the alignments on this sheet will need to be updated as of the writing]

Language worksheet:


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