Semantic Geophysics

Semantics presents a formulation of time as a common denominator that carries the possible hierarchy portmanteau that may in fact no longer exist in original form, or has been deduced over time. This warning is specifically given for semantic changes that either cannot be recovered, or have become illusionary in power. To say one is anti-Semitic is an example of hierarchy at play over meanings that do not apply unless you were to both go back in time, and remove the essence of language that has evolved over time.

A stranger aspect exists of the hieratic passion and neurons that fire in the brain in relation to both mathematics and geometry. They in themselves are defined as “holy” in their power, as in the power of symbols, each one setting forth both pattern and logic once set to memory. In this sense, they may be assumed Eroglyphic, something that is considered sexual and etymologically correlative to Eros, the god of love.

The cursive is both linear and part of elevation. The elevation is assigned per the portmanteau that has been perceived. An example is the letter A which contains many hierarchical bonding properties. One of these is the perception of the no-men, a reduction of zodiacal properties. Helen Keller knew what it meant when she finally realized its lemma properties. Yet, it is the same process, first there is existence, then action, and finally occurrence, as in the verb. This is expressed hierarchically with letters such as the letter T, which both empowers the verb, as in “to throw”, becoming both the subject and object, and as in the preposition in which the alphabet is based on.

The shapes of the letters therefore do carry particular properties related to hierarchy, and generally, these assignments follow a religious passion that can be correlated on elevated and linear properties, an avatar as such; something that becomes similar to lightning with many dark clouds surrounding its mythological history. The creation of metaphors that redact the avatar through hazy assignments is specified redundantly as a methodology of deceptive navigation, a lessening of timing, and the ability to sense the semantic portmanteaus, where words are built based on their linear properties. Many examples are revealed through sequencing the Indo-European roots where many versions are associated through specific root correlations with in some cases, three or four root associations. Propositions begin the journey of expansion and complexity.

Once the concept of a word may be perceived, it is said that the properties of the lemma become predominant, but the definitive assignment of that lemma is tied to the cultural source and meaning. Inflection also plays a role, and this is applicable to many other forms, such as the metaphors that may create a sense of inflection in the mind of a reader along with the verbal sounds generated. Words have their own properties through the derivative agents that tell us both how and why they exist, and it is from these root points where sound navigation begins.

The physiognomy relation to a “living being” that rests upon the elevated properties is called the ecliptic, ruled by the sun, a symbolic representation of the zodiac and the various properties attained from a cosmic passage; as in the fifth essence of the avatar. The days of the week align within the elevation to correlate the sexual nature and archetype, as in the properties of an angel. These properties assume a vast number of mythological senses, all applicable in the creation, a sort of passion play. From the letter, to the word, to the paragraph, to the book, the essence of the journey remains along with the properties that created it which rise out of the quincunx of every stem meaning.

Within this realm, the human bones are set to a shape that has been historically refined to show a pattern. The pattern is assigned over time to designate each sign of the zodiac. However, why this pattern exists has not been determined, or if the variations segregate the essence of our nature other than through speculation, and the intuition attained. There are likely additional patterns of note that correlate the language of each tribe that may be directly associated with the shape, color, and overall psyche of each individual. These languages all slowly evolve often with a tendency to hide their truer origins and purposes.

Where the lemma begins and ends remains illusive in the transformation, but we can assume that a subsidiary proposition exists for each letter of the alphabet that is correlated not only with the zodiac, a designation for intelligence within, but a spiritual link to evolution associated with the perennial (at-); along with the divisional astronomical assignment (nem-) as correlated to the days of the week, an example that being Wednesday (wet-1), and etesian, the etos (wet-2); as in the ecliptic or cyclic journey. Etymology confirms many of the associations that may be correlated by the reader for mythology and religion.

The Tympanum and the Beating Heart

To elaborate further, the avatar must contain the four elements manifested by elevation and linear properties, just as philosophers have exemplified such as Alan Watts and his description of creating three dimensions by using balls in his explanation, and once this is attained, a fourth must exist. This referee adds perspective and can assume the avatar is valid. This principle applies geophysically in nature.

Refined etymology gives the reader the opportunity to not only feel, but set tones in their lightning relationships for personal letters; and to arrange them geometrically in the mind according to historical precedents assigned to the zodiac; the cardinal stigmas, and mythological and physiological associations that predominate the essence of order. The tympanum is built from the foundation (water and earth; solstices) using the feminine assignments, created by the masculine (air and fire; autumnal and vernal) preferential to the mental barrier for all living organisms where the referee is housed commonly referred to as the third eye.

The Chinese Yin is the passive cosmic principle representing the “moon”, also “shade” where the feminine signs may interlock the solstices in linear fashion (Cancer-Moon, Capricorn-Saturn); Yang is the active cosmic principle for the dualistic philosophy which may empower the avatar (Libra-Venus, Aries-Mars) for the sphere of the angel who resides. Within this boat (bheid-) lives the ego and the dogmas of belief.

In mythological terms, Zeus and Mars usurp a feminine stigma (Tuesday), while Thor and Venus usurp a masculine stigma (Thursday). The Anglo-Saxon god Wodan divides them, yet this is correlative to the Tree of Eternal Life. Odin also assumes this position, the Norse god of wisdom, war, art, and culture that is respective to intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Odin is said to be a supreme being, but this must mean verbal, as that of empathy but assumed as exoteric. From the illusion of a Democratic party, to a Republican party gives us the kindergarten (genə-) in a bottle. The Eucharists may be bound by covetous ego influences, a error in reasoning for the house everyone must live in. One may not live in a panic room, one must live and feel the entire house.

Ecumenical: Late Latin oecūmenicus, from Greek oikoumenikos, from () oikoumenē (), (the) inhabited (world), feminine present passive participle of oikein, to inhabit, from oikos, house, weik-1

The days of the week are aligned etymologically with the root weik-2, giving us the vicarious nature of time; and weik-3, the Taekwondo battles within the matrix between the carpenter, businesswoman, teacher, and lawyer pinpointing the ancient Celtic tribes relation to order and vices.


Celtic symbology may give us the Ordo (ar-), a sign for harmony that represents the Land, Sea and Sky, aligning the Tympanum (triple goddess) and designating the powers upon inversion. The quasi-helical shape aligns the ecliptic journey within the sphere analogous to the Buddha with his legs crossed.

Celtic Symbol Triple Spiral

Associations abound, and this introduction serves as a starter for the reader to ponder when considering the linguistics of the English language; how letters are arranged in relation to the above mentioned geometry, portmanteaus, metaphors, and stem construction inclusive of palindromes.

The more familiar the reader is with root etymology and these relationships, the more capable of self-determination, and esoterically inspired to defend the house, its liberty, truth and justice.

Part two: Behind the Mythic Mask

Etymology gives us detail navigation if the reader takes the time to notice what has taken place over time. As days go by, we become accustom to the casual way in which we live, words lose their meanings and just become objects, and this seems to lead to the laws we have adopted that cloak the true problems that need attention. I recommend to read the following article I came across and the quote contained on the website.

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius

I came upon the article and immediately knew that at least one aspect of corruption can be nailed and revealed to you. So, I decided to nose back into the etymological trail that has been ongoing in a project that began in 2006.

As I have tried to highlight semantic geophysics, and the relationship to our physiognomical archetype as that of the human body, the lexicon reveals a direct association in numerous amounts, but the best place to detect manipulation would be to understand the relationships between the Greek alphabet and the one that is used today.

Imagine if you will, that the letter C sounds like see, also sea. In Greek, this is called the gamma. This power is then converted into a gimel or digamma and called the letter F while its Phoenician orgin is symbolic to the following shape: Y

Know also that Fa is the fourth tone in solfegio analogous to the observer discussion in part one and marked in Greek with the sound of wau which then has a direct association to the u(psilon) or letter Y which encases three letters U, V, and W. These association are clearly marked in the 3rd Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary ‘Development of the Alphabet‘ table (p53).

In beginning to understand a possible deeper occult relationship, we much understand that a direct association to our eyes exists and has been used to align certain abilities for perception in particular ways that can be controlled, enhancing preferential treatment and suppression of elemental stigmas in the mind.

The (u)psilon marks both a dichotomy and the simplicity of the third eye, in the case of today, the letter V. Think about comparing groups of words to better feel what is happening such as words that begin with F and compare these words to words that begin with V, one is dichotomous and one synchronous.

Fact, faith, faux, favor, fear, feel, ferment, fire, flight
Vacancy, vacuum, valley, vector, velocity, vicarious, vivacious

We know that the letters uu became the W, and this also stems from the alterations made. So it is assumed that the original classical form for wau that came from Greek was lost, however it was not removed completely, it seems to remain in many altered forms, of particular would be the root nem– which hides a complex Tau group the alchemist must discern. This group is marked in the 3rd Edition of the AHD and today represents the letter T. This directly follows the sigma or samekh inherently telling us sameness exists and is being partially outlined.

Examples of this are described in letters themselves, U, V, W, X and Y, as they are written as (u)psilons, digammas that unite. Science tells us this is also how we see, our vision comes together like the shape of a cone or cone cell, as these cones also exist in our eyes along with rod cells.

According to Wikipedia, cone cells are not as sensitive to light while rod cells surround the retina to deal with peripheral vision. This relationship is outlined in the alphabet by the samekh that is set preceding the letter O, the Semitic ‘ayin ‘eye’. The response time for cone cells is rapid and allows for color and most sensitive to Yellow. Rod cells on the other hand are considered useless for color but power up at twilight for the Purkinje effect. The rod is basically insensitive to wavelengths of red (640 nm).

These are some of the basic keys to study, however, a sense of making the bead is presented by the samekh marker sitting between the letter N, the Semitic ‘nun’ and the ‘ayin ‘eye’. According to the 3rd Edition AHD, the samekh is also a marker for the complex Tau group, and the zēta or letter G that marks the transformation of the bead better described through the root bheid– rather than Uncle gwhedh-.

15. 11-abet-bait-bateau-beetle1-bite-bitt-bitter-boat-fid-fissi-tsimmes3-et-bheid– To split (beetle2 – bhau-) (tsimmes1 – de-) (tsimmes2 – en-) [Pokorny bheid– 116, atilt] See List3

48. 4-bead-bid1-infest-manifest-et-gwhedh– to ask, to pray (bid2 – bheudh-) [Pokorny guhedh– 488. 2. bhedh– 114, defend, astral body]

We can also sense the wine you cannot see, and the bread that is eaten in the process of living, expressed geophysically speaking as they are outlined by the root stems and their duplicitous use, and remembering that it has already been noted that a masculine influence exists on the bridge in question, and now it also seems that the letter V resides here in the midst not just by coincidence, but outlined in etymology, and hints of Leonardo da Vinci in his ‘Last Supper’ painting.

7. 13-anatomy-atom-contemplate-diatom-dichotomy-entomo-epitome-temple-tmesis-tome-tomy-tonsorial-tonsure-et-tem– To cut [Pokorny 1. tem-, tend– 1062, Lord’s Supper]

8. 58-abstain-anatase-attenuate-attend-bronchiectasis-catatonia-contain-contend-distend-detain-detent-entertain-epitasis-extenuate-extend-hypotenuse-intend-lieutenant-maintain2-obtain-ostensible-peritoneum-pertain-pertinacious-polytene-portend-pretend-protasis-retain-sitar2-sustain-subtend-syntonic-taenia-tantra-telangieciasia-tenable-tenacious-tenaculum-tenant-tenesmus-tend-tender-tendon-tenant-tenement-tenet-teno-tenon-tenor-tense-tenuous-tenure-tenuto-tent-tetanus-thin-tone-tonoplast-et-ten– To stretch (maintain1 – man-2-) (sitar1 – trei-) [Pokorny 1. ten– 1065, love-in-a-mist]

I have made many on the surface arguments about the relationships between M and N, especially since it divides the alphabet and the tower in strange ways such as a palindrome signifying the root nem– which can be associated with many correlations that align linguistic formation.

The letter E is also usurped in the venture, described with a host association with the gamma and the delta seen over by the watchers, the episcopals. This energy is best sensed by overviewing the entire root listing under the letter E where one can sense being born.

To epistemologically interpret semantic variations, one must not assume that sound alone is the determinate of use, but provides the autobahn of redundancy. One of the best examples for the (u)psilon adjustments may be the trilogy marked by the stems al-. I sense this may tells us more about other stems, such as the two kel– roots, one of which contains hell.

The haughty denialist is pegged for the tea party with my reference called the al-photon-bet, a Helen Killer within. This may be described opposite two ways, one a dichotomy and one synchronistic, which apply to multiple concepts for elaboration.

For instance, the letter V is redundant and the letter A is efficient, in both cases, the sense of the upsilon is present. The second is just a shape someone assumes they can take, an effigy. The bhleu– flows out of them, similar to a rod cell, by definition, effluent. Time possess them while the élan vital possesses time.

In another sense, the al-trilogy is an expression of the heart beat and the tympanum, as the letter V with its deepest channel marking the chest where the heart resides. Here redundancy is obvious thinking in terms of a drum beat. Subjectively, each group takes a cartesian coordinate, 1 and 3 representing the eyes but also expressing the relationship between each beat of the heart.

9. 30-adulterate-alarm2-alert-alibi1-alien-aliquot1-allegory1-alleomorph-alleopathy-alligator-allo-alter-altercate-alternate-altruism-eldritch1-EL NIÑO-else-hidalgo1-morphallaxis-other-outré-parallax-parallel-subaltern-trophallaxis-ulterior-ultimate-ultra-utterance-et-al-1 Beyond (alarm1 – ar-) (alibi2, aliquot2 – kwo-) (allegory2 – ger-) (eldritch2 – reg-) (hidalgo2 – kwo-) (hidalgo3– dhē(i)-) [Pokorny 1. al– 24, 2. an– 37, Adonai, aigrette]

10. 27-abolish-adolescent-alderman-alible-aliment-alimony-althea-altimeter-altiplano-altitude-alto-altocumulus-altostratus-altricial-alumnus-coalesce-elder-eldest-enhance-exalt-haughty-hawser-old-prolan-proletarian-proliferous-prolific-et-al-2 To grow, nourish [Pokorny 2. al– 26, aerenchyma]

11. 2-all-also-et-al-3– All, *ala manniz, “all men.”

Thinking about how these stigmas can be arranged and correlated begins to reveal how propaganda and mental disorder go hand in hand, and certainly may inspire the reader to reassess the hidden meanings and stipulations in order to correctly monitor the mental house, and the archetypal influences set forth and in use by the monitor lizards of deception.

Don’t doubt that millions of disorders are hurriedly scampering to create new forms, variances, and deceptions to fill your void, by use of their unholy alliances. However, by discerning the floor plan in which has been made and discerning the elevated trickery apropos of the guidelines linguistically, all other formations come into view stemming out of the nexus that has been made, albeit a primer for discovery and the building of the avatar, defined as a temporary manifestation of a continuing entity.

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