Days Gone By

Posted September 15, 2010

In the 9th memorial of the 9/11 onslaught of operation violence on innocent American citizens that occurred on September 11, 2001, it is apparent that in the current memorial year that those responsible for this atrocity seem to have become rather nervous, enough so that an intended distraction was necessary, and this may enlighten readers to a beckoning obviousness of a cover-up that seems to be perpetually bound to this horrific event.

There is much evidence to substantiate a thorough investigation and prosecution, however, because these crimes are being committed by those with excessive power that is dependent on the lie, its exposure also exposes many other lies that have become vested in the cover-up. If this memorial event is any sign of future operations, I would suggest that the alternative crowd has learned their lesson and will become more aware of these tactics, as is now being expressed by many astute authors.

September 15, 2010: The Bizarre Background of the ’911′ New York Mosque

September 12, 2010: 9/11: 9th Anniversary

[The above article provides numerous statements from various officials suggesting an investigation and corruption surround the 9/11 event. There is also a list of links and research that is highly recommended.]


If you ever wondered, How Sex Sites Are Used to Thwart Truth and Derank Your Website: I will now be posting what may be considered the beginning stages of getting the word out and what is entailed in the battle most often not shared, or kept secret. I subject it is an element of COINTELPRO in operation, or at least DisInfo Agents who are paid by others in performing multiple services in distracting attention both technologically, and fundamentally. WordPress offers a beefed up version of traffic on this blog listing the websites who are recorded as linking into this blog on a daily basis. The following is a description of the data, and what is posted on the “Days Gone By” page. Some of the data has been censored on my behalf and others, and is an accurate description of daily link traffic. On the last of March, directly preceding the Ides of March which is related to the passing of the health care bill (which massively disrupted our society), I created this blog in response. Traffic was immediate, and has grown quite easily, and rapidly. This may also represent a problem for those that profess evil nature, and are pornographically stimulated. A warning is given to the reader to avoid landing on the sex pages listed, as it is common knowledge that when doing so, one is putting their computer at risk of software damage, and this is why no one in their right mind would ever visit a website of such nature, even in your wildest dreams. Although I tend to think the readers of this blog should have the opportunity to not only see this abuse, but consider some of the techniques that are being implemented for the dark and corrupt forces that remain quite prevalent on the last great communication portal known as the web.


Spam tag: Unrelated, Anti-social, harmful websites containing important sounding names but completely absent of content and detectable link as referrer.

Withheld: A combination of spam tags and referrer websites that may not necessarily be void of content, rather is topic/content associated which lacks content, or is designed as abusive and unrelated linking.

Web address: Add http://www. to list if necessary; some links are truncated and designate link references that are posted on website; addresses showing a sexual orientation are harmful sites used primarily as degradation elements associated with algorithmic language which by nature ranks creditability falsely when such sites place disorder within a system that may not detect it, or considers the traffic as a negative attribute to the value of this blog, also a website with a specific address.

(referring websites; total clicks)

Posted July 21, 2010 20 [fraudulent website, no link permission] 4 [fraudulent website, no link permission]… 2
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Note: The sick minded disinfo agent does not have permission to create fraudulent linking to this website in order to downgrade it. Our readers deserve better and are being exposed to your perversion tactics. This attack occurred exactly when our traffic was starting to rise again, possibly to attempt diversion, and create false linking, but it is odd that it happened when traffic increased in correlation to increased fraud. It is quite obvious that the 20 links in question are fraudulently created.

Posted July 15, 2010 13 [fraudulent site, no links permitted] 8 [fraudulent site, no links permitted]

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Note: Disinfo agents are still playing with themselves trying to degrade this website with false linking.

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Note: Amazingly, Mr. Sex continues to create false links in order to degrade this site. When will it end? It also seems that the disinfo agent always has the edge on count. How is that possible?

Posted July 12, 2010 5 [fabricated links not approved]… 2… 2… 2… 2… 2 2 [fabricated links not approved]… 2… 1… 1
Note: Num nuts are still at it creating false links to discredit this site. It seems they must out number the daily list in their own ignorance points.

Posted July 11, 2010 4… 3
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Note: The perfect sycophants may have noticed I have started listing their dirty work, let’s hope they decide to give it up.

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July 7, 2010
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On a day of memorial when war is seen as the ultimate enemy, we are deal with a evil attack of war from a rogue and illegal establishment on foreign territory, now the ancient and sacred land of Palestine. Israeli/U.S. crimes are displayed in rejid and grime streams of propaganda to colonize indigenous lands by torture and criminal warring. It is the same as being killed on your way to work because some idiot didn’t like where you worked. These crimes against humanity must be dealt a final blow to end the siege on Gaza, a destitute land of crumbling buildings and starving people who have endured horribly since being attacked during Obama’s election to hide the evil twins and their atrocities. Please read about the reaction and add all links to your reader to stay abreast and informed.

Posted May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010: Israeli assault on Gaza flotilla draws sharp reaction from Turkish civil society
May 31, 2010: Press Release- Rights org condemns “hideous” attack on Freedom Flotilla
May 31, 2010: Press Release- Gazans unite in call for solidarity with Freedom Flotilla
May 31, 2010: Is This Why Israel Gets Away With Murder Everytime? “Gaza Convoy Carrying Stolen Nukes” by Gordon Duff
May 31, 2010: Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea by Stephen Lendman
May 31, 2010: Free Gaza- Civilians Under Attack by Israel
May 31, 2010: Facing armed attack in international waters by Paul Woodward
May 31, 2010: Psychopathy in Action: Israeli Ships Attack Aid Flotilla, 19 or more Dead by Tia Goldenberg
May 31, 2010: Press Release- International solidarity for against Israel’s massacre of the Freedom Flotilla for Gaza

As it stands, the Gulf of Mexico fiasco quells discernment that our leaders: Obama; right-wing; and corporate power structures are sadly incapable of protecting liberty unless it is in their tribal interest. You are undoubtedly being diverted from the slick and oily truth and magnitude of disaster occurring just off shore from the breath of life to this continent and permanently adding to the disruption of bio-diversity, a necessary element of life for a delicate planetary system. Can we finally end this nightmare?

Posted May 10, 2010
May 10, 2010: Obama administration blocked efforts to stop BP oil drilling before explosion By Joe Kishore
May 9, 2010: BP’s first attempt to divert gulf oil leak fails by Harry R Webber and Sarah Larimer
May 8, 2010: The BP oil spill and American Capitalism by Tom Eley
May 8, 2010: Deepwater Horizon Blast Triggered by Methane Bubble, Report Shows by David Batty and agencies
May 8, 2010: British Petroleum’s oil spill is latest crime in a criminal history
By: Mazda Majidi

May 8, 2010: Is Gulf Oil Rig Disaster Far Worse Than We’re Being Told? by Mike Adams
May 7, 2010: Press Release: MMS Approved 27 Gulf Drilling Operations After BP Disaster – 26 Were Exempted From Environmental Review, Including Two to BP
May 7, 2010: As BP Oil Spill Fight Continues, More Areas Closed to the Public by Mark Guarino
May 6, 2010: BP’s trail of accidents, scandals stretches to Alaska by Craig Welsh
May 5, 2010: Slick Operator: The BP I’ve Known Too Well by Greg Palast
May 1, 2010: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Shows Disastrous Legacy of Halliburton and the Real Cost of the Oil Era by Mike Adams
April 23, 2010: The Imminent Crash Of Oil Supply: Be Afraid By Nicholas C. Arguimbau

We live in a world of intense propaganda; a war exists to alter and control our perception, to embed to hedonistic attitude that feeds the pathocracy and illusion of justice. If the majority of the people were educated more about these deficits, the possibility of seeing those responsible face justice increases, a necessary point in survival. Of course that survival deals mostly with our children who we depend on to finish the job and restore peace. This is why empathy is so critical as a human function. However, a problem exists with cynicism and its prevalence if allowed to continue unabated destroying the Internet and everything in its path.

Posted April 29, 2010
The Architects of Context
Dark Shadows: National Public Radio’s Pro-Israeli Bias

The Military Industrial Media Information Complex or MIMIC has a shadow that is being used to mask the so-called “War on Terror”, when it is only a shadow used specifically for profits and fear as a replacement for prudence. Those who accept its legitimacy have sold their souls to the devil and will continue to assume the lies. Your censoring is vital, as a form of self-determination, navigation, and liberty for justice. Speak out and speak truth to power for democracy now, and before we loose all our freedoms.

Posted April 18, 2010
Airport Security is a Racket: The Naked Scanner Industrial Complex
Media Lies by Omission-Based Survey Over-inflates Public Support for Airport Scanners

The MIMIC system may also usurp as mirror neurons those who assume that a economy exists outside our spiritual being and mental health when it is rather part of our ecological essence, and that which we materialize. A Nobel Prize is even given for the illusion. In the theological sense, economy is defined as a method of God’s government, an aberration that is maintained by separation, yet the secular nature is foreign both in science and health; a system that takes out the life and liberty of the house; a defective system, where wealth is born out of deceit, greed, and prejudice.

If people understood who is manipulating them and how, they would surely change their ways, or at least begin to evaluate their demises at hand. This is why speaking out to destroy MIMIC is necessary by refining our searches of value.

Posted April 18, 2010
The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement

The MIMIC system has been busy as a bee generating the false security methodology into the minds of those unwary observers and acceptors of the mediated data. As far as what has been seen, the data is being accepted as legitimate cases and a majority of observers continue to assume MIMIC is not harming them.

Posted April 17, 2010
Green Scare: The Making of the New Muslim Enemy by Deepa Kumar

There are certain people who aim to remove your rights to freedom of speech, and your entire ability to know what is going on in which is necessary in order to live a peaceful and productive life.

Posted March 31, 2010
Mike McConnell, the WashPost & the dangers of sleazy corporatism

Most anyone who has access to a personal computer can create a blog, and there are many reasons we all should participate. Journalists, bloggers, and seasoned authors here’s an opportune to gain exposure while spreading the truth, and join the world-wide revolution.

Posted March 30, 2010
CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging – MONTAGE

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