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Leonardo da Vinci’s Imaginative and Human Social Network


May 30, 2010

Social networking is growing, and one may ponder how we unconsciously connect with others and assemble our lives? Leonardo da Vinci provides some intriguing clues and these stigmas multiply the identity contrary to the quirk of American individualism.

The evolutionary ingenuous of Leonardo da Vinci portrays esoteric values for the human being, as depicted in elevation and balance. This applies analogous to the human body considered individual, and correlated to the face along with the stigmas we already assume in his cadre of positions.

What exists as data is not individual, rather it is esoterically derived as from movements in time. I also propose each position represents two associations, one intellectual and emotional as the story of x-men, and one spiritual and physical as the savior that reflects the ability to know how to do the right thing. In the first posit, we have a political culture as induction.

Intellectual: Theology, Political-Philosophical-Evolution
Emotional: Duality, Autonomy-Poetry

In the front and second posit, we have a public affair or tentative existence.

Spiritual: Science, Biology-Ontology-Naturopathy
Physical: Physics, Health-Anatomy

In this first posited navigation, theology, duality, science, and physics represent the puissant labels that have been given to describe enumerated ideologies within the group we strive to understand.

The two positions may also represent sovereignty and solidarity respectively, although this network as it may seem, is under attack by corrupting forces as in the story of the famed Neo who must fight overwhelming agents in the matrix. Our thinking has been rewired, and our bodies usurped for private economical and environmental profits that are hard wired into the new diplomates of neo-liberal or neo-conservative both feeding on the last bit of love of individualism.

Predominantly, the neo-malevolence is consuming and desirous, even the agents in the 1999 Wachowski inspired trilogy eventually want to join with it and become the one. Propagating thought control such as American Idol exemplify why so many are mad as hell[1] for the intrusions and manipulations of the senses all to create a vicarious morale and nullified group identity.[2]

Nevertheless, and with what we must continuously learn, building a social network based on our enlightened esoteric senses rather than the injected marketing is key. Mordant practices as a non sequitur reality such as exemplified by pharmacology, oppose a logical and normal pathos, as with those who strive to build their ethical identities and their warm connections through social networking — as we know misconceptions are quickly rejected. One idea may be that the neo epithets only liberate but do not conserve, we are left with nothing but the now unhealthy malefactors.

Even those who profess some truth wear the inevitable state of capital and may become their own social market similar to a church, growing in power, often never knowing when to stop draining the resources, like a hundred sharks consuming a sinking elephant, economy eats the environment whole.

Hopefully, these suggestions will inspire the reader to think about these concepts. And to consider the cosmic and solar cycle of seasonal influences, and their directions which may obsess the mind and body. In the quest of psychic function, and seemingly nonlinear society, it isn’t a matter of seeing signs or believing in miracles, these may already have their own varied technologies in use.


According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a conservative average of 270 people per day lay dead on the bier by the hedonistic desires fed into their mental trestles veiling the mordant market maker profiting on aesthetic, intelligently-measured-designs. We’ve all heard the phrase, “drill baby, drill,” because ‘conscience’ is not included in the wizards’ market-design.


Knowledge, as a tool, is only as good as the individual who uses it, and the Internet reflects the ocean of ancient carvings, while our bodies of water or spiritual strength are analogous to the sacred Gulf of Mexico poked and probed for more. To sum up the search for the miraculous, Mike Adams, a well known author from Natural News recently wrote that good health is no accident in the search for esoteric knowledge.[3]


The health and well being must come first, similarly as autonomous breathing is an art form, something that must be practiced as a sign of strength in being followed by a sense of nourishment as that of the Hindu Vishnu, and the empathy to see clearly the dual natures set forth. I am you, and you are me, while intelligent design may be just another foolish metaphor for those who are unable to measure their own identity.


Without capitulation, identify your network and those that offer autonomy for well-being which manifests truth, the healing every one. Social networking is like space and time, our future is not set, it is both made and changed, we decide what is the question. On the other hand of market-design, corporate capitalism becomes a license to kill, poison, and ramshackle postponement away from the prime target, knowing.

Empathy also allows us to detect and foresee, without this, evil is left to run the show, the puisne of the child we often live for, but do not know. These agents formulate front groups that feed on the resources effectively capitulating knowledge and emotions to the puissance of cause.

The whole effort to raise money to find “the cure” for cancer, for example, is a powerful demonstration of misplaced faith in external healing. This idea that a cure for cancer must come from outside one’s self rather than from within is perhaps the greatest conceptual sleight of hand that has yet been pulled off by the sick-care industry.

The cure for cancer is already programmed within. Each person is born with a highly-advanced cellular nanotechnology that already knows how to cure cancer. Activating this inner healing potential is all that’s necessary to prevent and cure cancer everywhere around the world, starting right now. – Mike Adams

Please support the journalists and authors appearing on this blog as an opportunity in building profound ‘knowing’ social networks: Please also visit/contact the Back Editor of Jericho Rendezvous Blog to learn more about healing the body and mind through a form of autonomous fund raising.[4]

[1] Video collage: Network, 1975 quote “I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” [contains graphic language]

[2] For students of learning: Euler’s identity

[3] Article reference/quote: Good Health is No Accident by Mike Adams
[April 24, 2010]

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  1. The Destructionist
    May 29, 2010 at 8:02 pm


    Capitalism was founded upon basic principles: production, supply and demand, and capital accumulation. It is a social theory whereby prices are determined by profit and loss, as well as market interest and fluctuations.

    Although I understand the need for a free market enterprise, such a theory should not imply that we are willing to disregard our environment, or sacrifice the needs and comforts of our humanity in an attempt to realize higher profits (a.k.a., BP, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, etc).

    Capitalism may be wonderful, but like anything else, it is still a flawed system. It’s a work in progress. It needs to be tweaked here and there in order to perfect its balance and to soothe the inordinate swings that occur day-to-day in our financial markets. If left unchecked, however, such a system will prove to be our economic downfall.

    How so?

    Well, for one thing, there is only so much profit a business can make from a product before it is left to cut costs in both quality and workmanship. In order to continually sustain a profit, businesses have to create those same products with lower quality ingredients and cheaper labor: which means that they must pull up stakes and move to other countries like China, Taiwan, or Mexico in order to survive. What does this eventually mean for people like you and me? It means that the very financial theory that promoted our country to super power status has turned on us. It means that the American workforce is now expected to work harder, longer, cheaper, and faster if we are to compete with the global economy now breathing down our necks.

    Where do we go from here?

    George Orwell had it right, to some extent, when he wrote his book1984. Many years from now, money will become worthless and the global populace will be employed and subject to hundreds (if not thousands) of individualized corporations that managed to survive attrition through merger aquisitions. It will be a feudalistic society: every corporation out for blood and vying for global dominance and absolute power. Our children and grandchildren will be there too: housed, clothed and fed by these various corporate entities; all the while being sent out on occasion, like brainless automatons, to errands of war, in an effort to absorb the weakest corporations into the fold. After all the dust settles, and everything is said and done, the remaining corporations will finally merge into a one-world government.

    Science fiction, you say?

    (…I’m left wondering.)

  2. May 29, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Humanity’s Brave New World

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